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Tropical Forest, Inc. is a closely held corporation operated by Juan E. Guerra and Luciano Guerra Jr. As detailed in our "In The Beginning" page, the Guerra family has been in the tropical plant and palm seed business since the early 1950's when Luciano "Chano" Guerra Sr., imported the first pound of Chamaedorea elegans palm seed ever into the United States.

Our offices are located in Mission, Texas, U.S.A. and sell our products across the U.S. as well as in numerous foreign countries including Mexico, Guatemala, The Netherlands, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, China, and Hong Kong directly, as well as many others through our agents. With over 50 items on our product list
 we supply a wide variety of seeds, bulbs, canes and cuttings to the nursery industry. As the world's largest importer/exporter of Chamaedorea elegans 'Collinia' (Neanthe Bella) palm seed, we are known as "The Source" for Chamaedorea elegans palm seed and have been for over 55 years.

At Tropical Forest Inc., we are an “original source” seed company. By “original source” we mean that we produce our own seeds on our farm
 in central Mexico. With the ability to water, fertilize, spray, prune and pollinate our stock plants, and with the ability to collect and process our seeds in-house, and test our products in our own laboratory, we have the kind of control over quality, purity and consistency of our seeds that others who collect their seeds from the wild, or sell someone else‘s seeds, can never have.

Furthermore, as an “original source” seed company, we are often able to supply seeds to our customers, when seeds are not available out of the wild. Whether scarcity results from climatic conditions, governmental policies, or pest infestations, we will be in a much better position to collect our seeds and supply our customers with superior farm grown seeds.

Our seed testing laboratory
 in Texas allows us to perform germination and/or viability (tetrazolium) tests on all of our seeds promptly after they are received from our farms, during their time in storage, as well as with every shipment made. This allows us to know exactly how viable our seeds are at all times. This information is provided to our customers upon request enabling our customers to more accurately determine their sowings.

Claims of quality and service are easily made yet very difficult to quantify. However, 55 years of continuous service to the world’s premiere growers is a claim that very few can honestly make. Nothing better illustrates our commitment to quality and service than the loyalty and success of our customers for all these years.

We welcome any questions, comments or suggestions you may have; or if you would like to inquire about us from one of our customers in your area, please contact us and we will reply promptly.                                     


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