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This page contains links to webpages with interesting and/or informative technical information about some of the items we sell.  We will be adding more links to this page as we come across additional webpages which we deem to be interesting and/or informative.

Disclaimer: Tropical Forest, Inc. offers no warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, efficacy or value of information, advice, or instructions in relation to the content of sites whose links are listed here-in.

Palm Seed Germination:

Palm Seed Germination HTML (Alan W. Meerow).

Palm Seed Germination P.D.F. (Alan W. Meerow).

Palm Seed Germination (Horticultural Digest #107).

Cultivated Palm Seed Germination (PDF).

Germinating Palm Seeds.

Palm Production:

Chamaedorea Palm Production Guide.

Tropical Palms. (Report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.)

Palm Market Research:

The Market for the Chamaedorea Palms in North America and Europe. (PDF)

In Search of a Sustainable Palm Market in North America.(PDF)
(Informative study but mistakingly credits Robert Wilson as the first to import Chamaedorea elegans palm seed from Mexico. Luciano "Chano" Guerra was the first to do so, as is explained in our "In the Beginning" page.)

Miscellaneous Plant Articles:

Ceratozamia Hildae (The Cycad Newsletter June 2003 - Pages: 10 - 13).
(Cycad discovered and named by Luciano "Chano" Guerra.)

Excerpt from above article:

"The plants described by Landry and Wilson were originally brought from the wild in 1960 by Luciano Guerra, a well known plant collector, and were growing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the garden of Dr. Walter Harman (the founder of the Cycad Society; see his obituary in the Cycad Newsletter 25[2]:11). The name C. Hildae was derived from the latinized form of "Hilda", the name of Mr. Guerra's daughter. The plant had been known by Ceratozamia "Hilda" informally in the horticultural trade since Guerra's introduction of the plant." 

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